Danger in Kentucky!  Senate Bill 110. Citizens Beware!
Danger in Kentucky!  Senate Bill 110. Citizens Beware!
Do you know what your legislators did? 2011 Kentucky SB110 Learn more!
Do you know what your legislators did?             2011 Kentucky SB110                 Learn more!

The Risks


Watch these videos to see what Optometrists can do, and what happens when done incorrectly.  Remember, the bill does nothing to ensure that the optometrist has any equivalent amount of training or proof of proficiency.  We don't even know what standards for cleanliness or sterility will be taught--it's not in the Bill.

YAG laser iridotomy -- that laser cuts iris with ease

Complication of iridotomy -- the iris can bleed, double vision, cornea damage

YAG laser to lens tissue  -- looks easy but tolerances are .001mm

Excison of lid lump -- not for the faint of heart


The risks of these procedures include:

1. bleeding behind your eye into your eye socket leading to loss of vision

2. bleeding into your eye causing staining of your cornea, or watch crystal of the eye, with blindness from uncontrollable eye pressure

Senate Bill 110 does not give the optometrist permission to perform the procedure which can save your sight in the event of a complication in (1)  What?  You heard that correctly. Representative Keene- from Campbell Co.- didn't think this was necessary

3. cutting into a lump or bump that is malignant or cancer.  10% of all face tumors are on the lids.  The bill allows for removal of benign or good lumps, but you don't know if it is benign until you remove it and send it to the microscope doctors.  If you did the excision incorrectly, you just unleashed tumor cells! 

4. perforation or a hole in the eye which cannot be sealed.  They would not have permission to fix this either in Bill 110. 

5. scar in the watch crystal or cornea of the eye

6. cataracts and damage to the retina or the light detecting tissue in the back of your eye

7. pits or damage to the post-cataract lens implant which can cause glare and loss of vision

8. dislocating or "dropping" your lens into the jelly of your eye requiring complex retina surgery

9. reaction to anesthesia  When was the last time that your optometrist ran a "code blue" situation to save someone's life?



Call  1-800-372-7181 to tell your Representatives your opinion.  Then, educate your friends about the differences between eye doctors.


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