Danger in Kentucky!  Senate Bill 110. Citizens Beware!
Danger in Kentucky!  Senate Bill 110. Citizens Beware!
Do you know what your legislators did? 2011 Kentucky SB110 Learn more!
Do you know what your legislators did?             2011 Kentucky SB110                 Learn more!

Familys and doctors, led by Rep. Watkins in Henderson Co.,  may no longer send their loved ones to optometrists anymore for fear that they will operate without the appropriate training.  Rep. Watkins stated that this bill puts patients in danger.  The Law establishes no minimum educational guidelines.  He was correct.


Kentucky may have an exodus of ophthalmologists from the State.  Ophthalmologists do not want to settle here.  Cavalier optometrists may subsequently flood to the state because it's fertile ground now.  Optometry schools will flourish, thus creating an optometry surplus, and optometry schools will have to lower than admission criteria.


The State of Kentucky may have to shrink their Ophthalmology programs because it will become difficult to recruit to the State.


Educators should be disgusted by how the bill devalues a medical education.


Prepare for increased health care costs and complications...despite what they say about Oklahoma laying the groundwork...there is proof to the opposite.



There have been over 30 known complications that have come from the Oklahoma Law reported by an ophthalmology practice there.  Complications are now being discussed in KY.  These are known.  The majority of complications are never reported to any board or agency. 


Representatives and Senators who voted for this may just find it a bit more difficult to find a licensed ophthalmologist to care for them because of the extreme personal conflict that has arisen between doctors and legislators.  They simply turned their back on the will of the people.


In the next election cycle, the many politicians who voted for this bill may just find it a bit harder to get elected. 




Call your Representatives now and tell them what you think!  Express your opinion in the next election!  Tell your friends about the differences between eye doctors.

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