Danger in Kentucky!  Senate Bill 110. Citizens Beware!
Danger in Kentucky!  Senate Bill 110. Citizens Beware!
Do you know what your legislators did? 2011 Kentucky SB110 Learn more!
Do you know what your legislators did?             2011 Kentucky SB110                 Learn more!

The Heros

A hero in this case is someone who will vote their conscience without regard to those who extended political contributions. 

Anyone who voted against it in the Senate:

Senator Julie Denton

Senator Stine

Senator Wilson

Senator Bowen


Anyone who tried to fix/vote "nay" on the bill in the House:

Representative Riner (Jefferson 41 you are lucky folks.)

Representative Westrom (Fayette you are lucky too.)

Representative Palumbo

Representative Denham

Representative DeWeese

Representative Watkins

Representative Fischer

Representative Flood

Representative Housman

Representative Lee, J

Representative Nemes

Representative Overly

Representative Sinnette

Representative Smart

Representative Watkins

Representative Wayne




If your representative is not on the list, they probably believed in surgery by non-surgeons.  Ask them! 

Call your Representative immediately and tell him or her that you demand the best care and what you think abou the bill.   1-800-372-7181

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